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Adult chat is very popular in the UK as a way for like-minded people to communicate with each other about their desires and fantasies. It's a reason why you'll find a raft of adult chat site operators available when you go looking for them online. The hard part is working out which sites are worth your time, as the standards can vary.

In order to help you in your quest to find the sexy chat you're looking for, we take a look at one adult chat site in particular - We've taken a deep dive into the site to see what kind of experience is available. By reading on, you'll discover what the site's about, where it excels and any limitations that may exist for users.


As the name of this adult chat site suggests, it's basically aimed at people who are simply looking for hot webcam fun. It's the biggest site of its type, and upon entry, the site lets you browse what's on offer without first having to create an account. This is quite refreshing, as many adult sites don't allow you to have a look around before providing your email address.

Once inside, navigation is super easy, as categories (Men, Women, Couples, Trans) are clearly marked, with users also able to search specifically with other filters like adult cams by region, by age (18-20, 20-30, 30-40 etc) and private shows that require tokens to view. For webcam fun, sites don't come much bigger or better laid out.

Any Negatives About

The first thing we have to say is that this adult chat site that's primarily for that - online adult chat. If you're looking for hookups in person, you're going to be disappointed. It's a great place for finding pictures, videos and real-time sexy webcam broadcasts, but in 99% of cases, the girls on cam aren't going to meet you for dating.

That's not a criticism of, as they're very clear about what it is they offer It's only when people expect more that disappointment occurs. There are just as many dating sites on offer, so if it is in-person encounters you desire, we'd recommend that you indulge yourself by visiting them instead, as your chances of a hookup rise dramatically.

One We'd Absolutely Recommend For Webcam Fun

If it's adult chat you're after and no more, then is a site that we'd heartily recommend to anyone. It's easy to navigate, quick and easy to sign up as a member, as well as being well-populated with lots of men and women looking to show off what they've got for your excitement and enjoyment.

Use this adult chat site with that in mind, and you won't get frustrated by users who won't meet up or disconnect when you start bringing the subject up. It's just not that kind of website. Know what you're signing up for, and you'll simply get the steamy fun you're looking for every time you log on. For this kind of use, there's no better site. Reviews

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